Al-Majalla (المجلة) App

The Majalla application is a unique and free service that contains dozens of Arab academic journals.
This application targets university students, researchers, master’s and doctoral holders, as it enables them to access most refereed and non-refereed Arab journals, without going through the trouble of searching for them.


  • Browse hundreds of Arabic academic and non-academic magazines, old and new, for free without ads. 
  •  Download any magazine for offline reading. 
  •  Simple and clean design for comfortable reading 
  •  Share what you are reading with friends. 
  •  The ability to return to the last page you left off from the recent section. 
  •  Magazines and periodicals are subject to updating and revision, to avoid shortages and unwanted errors. 
  •  Search for the magazine by name, category, or country. 
  •  Easily take screen shots of magazine pages from within the app. 
  •  Switch between pages vertically or horizontally. 
  •  Dark mode. 

Tech Stack

  • Kotlin
  • MVVM
  • Clean architecture
  • Dagger Hilt
  • Retrofit
  • Coil
  • Room database
  • Git