My Work

Farhan – Brake Phone Addiction

Farhan is an open-source application that offers many ways to eliminate manipulative strategies used by other apps on your phone, so you can use your phone and not the other way around!

Al Majalla (المجلة)

Al Majalla application is a unique and free service that contains dozens of Arab academic journals.

Showcase Layout Compose

An open source android library that allows you to easily showcase and explain jetpack compose UI elements to users in a beautiful and attractive way.

Projects i worked on

Projects i worked on with the development team at ISOM.


Hakomitna platform, is an electronic platform for communication between the Government of National Unity and its various ministries with the Libyan people.

Libyan Dar Al-iftaa

Dar Al-iftaa app provides you with the legal fatwas issued by the Libyan Dar Al-Iftaa and the Sharia Research and Studies Council of the Dar.

Arwad Store

Arwad store provides a unique and fast shopping experience in the field of lubricants, motor oils and machinery care in Libya.


Dwrly aims to link craftsmen, professionals and workers in small projects independently with people in need of various services: starting with the services you need at home, such as electricity and plumbing, technical services such as photography and mobile maintenance, to services that are related to weddings and social events such as cooking and other services

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