How to earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum and Storm

Hi ! in this tutorial i’ll show you how to earn btc and ether 100% free and simple with the Bitmaker Storm Play  app (The app was renamed)

  1. Start By Downloading the app from Google Play Store
  2. Create a free btc and ether wallet by registering on Coinbase or create a Storm wallet
  3. Open Storm Play app and register a new account
  4. When prompted enter this code: DQ183Q (you will receive a free bonus)
  5. Now Start earning by completing tasks or by watching an ad every 30 min
 Another great app is Bithunter use the code : FCD108404D to get 5000 free coins 😀

    • You can increase the speed to 1 watch every 10 min for 2 hours for 1000 points
    • You can share your invite code with your friends to increase your earnings
    • Here is my payment proof below (CakeCodes is the company that made the app)
    • If you have any Questions please post them in the comments

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